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Dyah Lyesmaya Educator

Associate Professor of Pedagogy, Elementary Education, and Early Literacy. Lecturer in Elementary School Teacher Education, Muhammadiyah University of Sukabumi (UMMI).

Chair of the Elementary School Teacher Education Program, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, UMMI.

Chair of the Training and Development Program for Sukuraga Cultural House, Sukabumi.

Chair of the Elementary School Education Division, Aisyiyah West Java Regional Leadership, Indonesia.

My research and teaching interests encompass Literacy, Pedagogy, as well as Language and Literature. I am also engaged in the application of educational science aimed at addressing key issues involving education for children. My research group focuses on early literacy, children’s language and literature, with an emphasis on balanced literacy, character values cultivation, and local wisdom.

I have a strong interest in local wisdom, mountain forests, and biographies of individuals.

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